What You Don’t Know About Podcast Marketing

As of 30th May 2021, according to PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020 report, India is the third-largest consumer of podcasts (after the US and China), with 57.6 million monthly listeners. With the growing admiration for audio content and its rise as one of the preferred mediums, podcast marketing can be your next best bet for building your connection with your audience – clients & customers.

While the world of knowledge the things you need to know for your podcast marketing approach, we bring to you some hidden insights about what you may not have known about this creative and contemporary avenue.

  • Enhanced and diverse reach

A single, effective, and relatable episode of your podcast can boom your reach and put you on the map. With podcasts, you can have a wide range of listeners who can turn into your potential clients/customers.

  • A chance to be more than just a business

When you engage and interact with your stories and experiences while narrating in the most natural form of communication, the audience visualizes you as more than just an entity trying to conduct a business. They will see you as an individual, someone they know, someone they can trust, and that strengthens a business to its maximum strength.

  • Generating traffic

Audio content allows you to carve another medium to drive traffic. This content is extremely expressive and informative which allows it to drive enable your audience to absorb more and more information that is available with you.

  • Bank on the network

Joining a community, partnering up with famous and established creators, appearing on other creator’s podcasts, etc. helps improve your connections and build on them further to expand your reach

  • An easier alternative

Let’s admit, video episodes are far more tedious and detail-oriented and take more time as compared to a podcast. A podcast is easier, requires lesser investment and does not require a lot of production hassles.

  • Building a community

If you are one of those visionaries who aspire to build a community and help like-minded people collaborate, a podcast is an effective tool to bid on. The effects of this element will not just help with bringing people together but also grow the feeling of loyalty within them

  • Ace content marketing

Storytelling is the most engaging element of content marketing. Audio content does not only provide you with an interesting approach towards bringing your story closer to the audience but also sets the stage to build an immersive experience for your listeners.

Motivational talks, relatable experiences, thrilling stories, and many more have proven their supremacy on the various podcast networks.

  • Building relationships

The most underrated yet the most significant element of podcast marketing is the nature of relationships and the way they are built. While conversing and creating various episodes of quick, captivating, and enlightening content, you develop a more intimate and strong relationship with your listeners and guests

While following the scripted principles of marketing, do not forget to add the elements of fun and experimentation as they help you stand out from the rest.

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