How to Crack Moment Marketing

Yeh hum hai,

Yeh humara social media hai,

Aur yahaan moment marketing ki bauchaar ho rahi hai!

Before we get to how to crack this code, let’s dig in a little about these ‘moments’, shall we?

Moments are the different happenings, be it news, trends or the daily conversations that sprout in the media domain.

“The textbook defines Moment Marketing as the ability to take advantage of these ongoing events and create communications & marketing collaterals around them. This is used by brands to insert themselves in the ongoing conversations & bring relevance to how they market.”

– WebEngage

Moment marketing thrives on two significant pillars:

  • Brand Relevance
  • Speed of Execution

Since the attention and interesting spans last only for a limited period, it becomes imperative for the brands to act well in time and ride the short wave. Zomato, Swiggy, Durex, Fevicol, Dunzo and Paytm are some of the few names who have aced the Moment Marketing game.

A funny tweet, spot-on copy or artwork that binds the audience attention works well in keeping the best foot forward during these moments.

 Cutting to the chase, a few simple steps can help you be on top of these moments and jump on this bandwagon that is moment marketing.

  • Resonance

Be it with the brand, offering, launch, service, brand values, customers, so on and so forth. Hit the relatable button to make sure you align your growth with these moments.

  • Humor

A key to the audience’s heart is humour. Creative tongue-in-cheek content, in most cases, is the best bet during moment marketing. Being witty, funny, and entertaining can only do good to your brand and your numbers.

  • Carpe that diem

When Paytm just placed its tagline in its tweet, the day demonetization was announced, it took the internet by storm. One must remember that these trends die in less than a day, almost always. So, you must act quickly in finding, creating, and making use of these opportunities that knock on your door.

  • Don’t overlook sensitivity

Calling out, being woke, and cancel cultures have all forced a lot of brands to face the repercussions of insensitive and tone-deaf content. Make sure that you consider the current happenings, potential reactions, environmental attributes, etc. before posting your idea.

  • Explore immensely, but don’t try too hard

Trying out different types of content is key and moment marketing adds the elements of fun and relevance to create space for your voice. Simultaneously, if your content is fake or simply trying to show up forcefully, the audience might take this chance to term the attempt as promotional and block any further content that comes through.

Now that you have the key, go unlock the potential of this popular content tool and hop on that bandwagon.

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