Digital Marketing Services

As attention spans shrink and media clutter grows, our digital marketing solutions – spanning search engine optimization, digital advertising and social media marketing -- can help your brand stand out and make more meaningful connections with potential customers at important points in their decision journey.


  • Inferencing from data analytics & predictive tools that power 'Search'.

  • Search engines are a big influence on purchase decisions because that’s where most customers start their digital research. Our SEO specialists make sure that your content is easily found and ranked above that of your competitors when your potential customers use search engines.

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Advertising on search engines can be a highly effective way of reaching out to potential customers when they are most likely to act. Our search marketers use a combination of advanced analytics, superior research tools and sophisticated optimization techniques to significantly lower your cost of acquisition.


Consumers are interacting with your brand across multiple touchpoints, and they expect a seamless experience no matter where they connect with you. Our strategists take a 360-degree view of digital and help you choose and invest in platforms that are likely to deliver the best outcomes. We optimize your digital presence across the web, search, social and mobile, and design communication strategies that are at once seamless and unique.


Context is everything when it comes to online media planning & buying. Where are your potential customers online? What is the kind of content they are consuming? What is their behaviour on the platforms that they most spend time on? What are the triggers that are likely to make them act in your favour? Our media planners are constantly asking these questions to make sure that you get more bang for your ad budgets.


Social media is a great platform for brands to converse with consumers, and Puretech helps clients make the right connections. Based on your business objectives, our digital strategists will design engagement strategies, plan campaign rollouts, co-ordinate outreach programs, and measure outcomes. We will tell your stories, build your communities, manage your interactions, and, above all, we will bring you closer to your customer


Consumers are growing increasingly vocal about their experiences with brands online. And these voices can make or break a brand. Reputation, after all, is a precious and fragile thing. Our digital experts use advanced tools to monitor millions of conversations, and alert you to the important ones. We leverage the power of search engines and social media and collaborate with digital influencers to help brands tell their side of the story when it matters most.


Planning Your Project

Planning Your Project?

Whether you know exactly what you need or aren’t sure where to begin, let us know and we will help you.

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