Genesis Burson-Marsteller, India’s leading Public Relations organization, has successfully conducted over a hundred tests using the Online Test Generator eApplication .

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Online Test Generator eApplication , Online Test Maker eApplication

Puretech Internet’s Online Test Generator eApplicationis a customizable application, which has been developed on the robust Microsoft Dot Net platform, and tweaked to adapt to the customer’s particular needs.

Our online test maker eApplicationallows the creation, administration and analysis of online tests and surveys for organisations. The questions and their categories that are fed into the online test creator can be customized to fit the purpose, while the tests itself can be scheduled for predetermined dates.

Easily scalable and adaptable, our online survey eApplicationcan be deployed in a short time and implemented with precise and salient functionality. Barring the need for any high end hardware configuration, the Online Test Generator eApplicationis very easy to use, not only for the user, but
for the administrator as well.

TopkEY Features OF THE ONLINE SURVEY eApplication
  • Our online exam eApplication is designed to assist the creation, administration and analysis of online tests, surveys or questionnaires.

  • The online test creator allows you to create your own question bank which can be divided into various categories or sub-categories.

  • The online survey eApplication can generate multiple-choice and single-choice, as well as, simple text and descriptive questions.

  • Creates custom test paper layout allowing you to define test duration, total marks, passing marks and number of questions from each category or subcategory, based on format selected in the online test creator.

  • Our online test maker eApplication randomly picks up questions from defined category or subcategory at the time of test.

  • The online test maker eApplication enables administrator to schedule the tests for a particular date and time.

  • The aid of our online test creator enables mapping functionality of users, after which they receive their credentials through which they can login and attempt the test.

  • Generates result on completion and sends to the online survey eApplication user instantly.

  • Allows you to upload the candidates’ and students’ data through an Excel Sheet.

  • Our online survey eApplication sends mail intimation to administrators and/or to candidates and students and provides the flexibility to change mail layouts.

  • The online exam eApplication generates various reports such as aggregates, individual performances and more.

  • The online test creator can be scaled up to SMS based services and provides the ability for the administrators to create questions with images and graphics.

  • Our online exam eApplication that can be easily integrated with an e-Learning Module.

  • The online survey eApplication has an add-on for internal assessments that can be used for annual or biannual performance reviews.

  • Our online test creator is compatible with all the latest browser versions.


Easy To

With easily created tests, one can use the online test creator to publish their questions, monitor the results and analyse the result data in hardly any time. With the use of the Online Test Generator eApplication, question banks can be reused in the future for similar reviews and surveys.

Reduction In
Cost And Time

The content, via the online survey eApplication, can be managed in-house by a non-technical person. In addition, several people can access and create multiple test sessions on the online test creator that will run alongside the process. Users can access the test from various locations just by connecting online.

24/7 Availability

Since the administration module of the Online Test Generator eApplication is available on the internet 24x7, it can be accessed from any location and at any given time.

TopTech SpecS
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, Win Server 2003 with service pack 2

  • CPU 1v CPU/2vCPU

  • Memory - 4 GB

  • Minimum Internet Bandwidth - 256 Kbps

  • 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows.

  • 1 GB minimum free disk space

  • Required Dot Net Framework Support

  • MS-SQL Express/Web edition.

Top Workflow
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