This intranet building eApplication has been successfully deployed at Kotak Mahindra Bank for their International division.

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Intranet Building eApplication Tool, Corporate Intranet eApplication

Puretech Digital’s Intranet building eApplication is a bespoke application, developed on the robust Microsoft DotNet platform.

The application allows creation, administration and managementof corporate intranets which can be deployed over the company’s internal network or made available on a secure internet platform. Using this intranet portal eApplication the administrators can build up sections and pages and assign read/ write rights to selected users.

Easily customized, this tool can be deployed in a very short time. It does not require any high end hardware configuration and is very easy to use, both for the frontend user as well as the administrator and can be deployed remotely by just gaining access to the servers.

TopkEY Features
  • Intranet site will be fully dynamic site and has a file sharing tool with strong access control.

  • All employees can access the site as per there authority levels.

  • Department wise sections and subsections can be created by the intranet portal eApplication and information can be shared within particular team.

  • Access for managing content for particular sections can be given to employees.

  • This site is highly secured, every request is handled with unique token which is generated dynamically when user logins on site, forms data will be sent using 'POST' method.

  • Intranet site & CMS can be configured on different servers. Websites can be exposed to an Internet and backend CMS can be configured in more secure environment of Intranet.

  • It maintains user login history and User logs.

  • The corporate intranet eApplication also creates a forum to discuss various topics. Administrator has access to moderate comments on discussion forum.

  • Also this features latest news & updates and has a space for banners, where Administrator can highlight important updates.

  • It has international clock which can features timings in different zones, which will be useful for same team working in different countries.

  • This company intranet eApplication can be scaled up to SMS based services and also can incorporate automatic birthday reminders. This tool can be integrated easily with leave application or HR applications.

  • It is compatible with all the latest browser versions.


Easy to use

Very easy to build the entire Intranet and add content to it. Does not require any web services skills to create, modify, assign or monitor content.

Reduction In
Cost and Time

The corporate intranet eApplication allows content to be managed in-house by a non-technical person. Multiple people can access and monitor different sections, based on user rights. Online approval process to create, approve and publish the final content

24/7 Availability

Since the administration module of the tool is available on the internet 24x7, the intranet portal eApplication can be accessed from anywhere at any given time, for content modification.

TopTech SpecS
  • Microsoft® Windows 2008 R2, Win Server 2003 with service pack 2

  • CPU – 1v CPU/2vCPU

  • Memory - 4 GB

  • Minimum Internet Bandwidth - 256 Kbps

  • 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows.

  • 1 GB minimum free disk space

  • Required Dot net Framework Support

  • MS-SQL Express/Web edition.

Top Workflow
Company Intranet Portal eApplication Flowchart
TopApplication Usage