• Web Content Management System

    Web Content Management System

    A CMS That Caters To Personalised Client Requirements

  • Enterprise eTravel Tool - Travel Booking eApplication Solution

    Enterprise e-Travel Tool

    A Travel Booking eApplication Solution

  • Web Content Management System

    Online Test Generator eApplication

    An Online Test Maker eApplication that helps create and conduct online tests and examination

  • Intranet Building eApplication

    Intranet Building eApplication

    An online application which helps building up an Intranet and managing its content once live.

About Puretech WebApps

Online Test Generator eApplicationWeb Content Management Systems
Enterprise eTravel Tool - Travel Booking System Intranet Building

Puretech WebApps simplify website data management and help organizations digitize their workflows using web application services.

Designed and developed using Microsoft DotNet technology, Puretech Digital's WebApps are custom web applications, created and customized specific to customer requirements. These applications are designed to meet the world web standards and are developed following a strict eApplication services lifecycle, matching the coding quality and security standards followed by major web services companies, worldwide.

Robust and sturdy, user friendly and scalable to the customer needs, these custom web applications can be easily and quickly tailored and deployed immediately and effectively.

Why Puretech WebApps

  • Tried and tested: Puretech WebApps are running successfully across domains in various mediums and large organizations across continents
  • Easily customizable and scalable: Since these custom web applications are bespoke, they can be easily adapted and implemented.
  • Accessible: The WebApps are completely web-based and so can be accessed from anywhere, anytime on the Internet World Wide Web.
  • Cost effective: Using custom web application services, Puretech WebApps match your specific requirements so you pay only for what you need to use.
  • Support & maintenance is available as and when needed.
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