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“Puretech’s understanding of the content was excellent, considering the size, complexity and scope of the project. The design team went out of their way to explain what customization was possible or even desirable with the CMS. Ease of navigation has been the biggest boost to the site and to the functioning of the Haas Center”.

Elise Miller, Comm. Director, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University, CA, USA

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Web Services

In the last decade, the Internet has emerged as one of the most important mediums for communication. To address this, it is essential to find the right kind of web services in India. With a host of website services in India, Puretech Digital is well aware of what requirements may arise and offers a list of solutions to choose from.

As a web services company based out of Mumbai, we have an experienced team of developers, web designers and brand managers to handle all your online processes. Offering end-to-end solutions, we will help you develop a robust online presence and offer a number of custom websites that you can choose to use. We offer highly specific solutions that will address every touch point to ensure the best possible results.

Along with a number of products, we are dedicated to testing and troubleshooting web solutions for a hassle-free online experience. With an efficient team of professionals, Puretech Digital, as a web services company in India, offers you excellent products in cost effective packages for every market. With a substantial clientele from markets like India, the UK, The USA and Australia, we bring our clients the best in web design services and the highest quality of website Services services in India.

Our Web Services Include:

  • Web Strategy & Content: We help you analyze the competitive landscape and help our clients understand their online goals. Whatever the need, our web services company in Mumbai will provide complete solutions.
  • Website Design & Services: With the latest website services and tools in India, we specialize in web services tools like .net, php, ASPX, jQuery and HTML5 and ensure that your requirements are met at every stage.
  • Web Application Design & Services: We offer website services in India and other markets to help increase productivity and improve customer relations.
  • Interactive Marketing Solutions: With well-trained teams in place, we offer concise B2B and integrated marketing solutions to cater to your needs.

Advantages of Web Services:

We offer web services like:

  • SEO-friendly websites: we ensure that your online presence garners the highest brand visibility, increased reach and an increase in website traffic.
  • W3C compliant: We ensure that our client’s websites comply with the guidelines put in place by the World Wide Web Consortium.
  • Measurable returns: Clients need to know that they are getting their money’s worth and our web services company in Mumbai works toward just that.
  • Cross browser compatibility: We ensure that our client’s websites will have clear cut rendering of pages across all Internet browsers in use today.

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