Over 4000 users are using the travel booking eApplication known as the Enterprise e-Travel Tool in Accenture - India, 24 x 7! Be it flight bookings, car bookings or guesthouses!!

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Enterprise eTravel Tool - Travel Booking eApplication Solution

Enterprise eTravel is a one stop travel booking system that offers customised and end-to-end travel solutions for both domestic and international needs. This tool focuses on providing solutions that are well suited to the unique requirements of every traveller.

It facilitates right from helping the user plan their travel, to providing them with ideally suited travel options. Enterprise eTravel helps manage the reservations, making changes to the itinerary and providing travel advisory services.

From railway ticketing to domestic road transport, domestic/ international air reservations to hotel reservations and car rentals, this travel eApplication solution offers several value-added services and benefits.

TopKey Features
  • Single 'enterprise wide' sign on for all custom travel solutions, LDAP authentication and integration with ERP eApplication.

  • Easy to use web-based travel booking system, with 24*7, personalised form-based solutions for regular travellers.

  • Search facility for Users to search through the requests/ data to sort out the result based on various search parameters.

  • Highly scalable. Can be scaled up to SMS based services and flexibility to integrate with web services at a later date like Online travel schedules real time, FX rates real-time, hotel status real-time, etc.

  • One of the few travel eApplication solutions that can be customized to specific needs. Approval process, mail triggers and reminders.

  • There can be a chat facility for the employees to interact with the application administrators/officials to get tool related help. Employees can login to the chat with their enterprise ID.

  • Reporting tool which can generate reports for Requested Travel both employee wise and department wise, Approved or Rejected travels, Confirmed and pending for confirmation, Realization report, etc.


Ticket Booking

The Enterprise E-Travel tool offers a quick and easy way to process your travel tickets from anywhere. Just select the destination, date and time and your flight reservation will be done once it gets approved by your Reporting Manager. Also, all the activities in the tool will provide mail notifications to users and authorities.

Reduction in cost

By automating your various customer servicing processes, you will be able to handle the same amount of transactions, or more, at a much lower cost.

24/7 availability

Your Enterprise eTravel tool will be available 24/7, providing visitors with all of the information and capability they need to complete their travel arrangements and make their payments. The instantaneous response to your prospective and existing customers adds convenience.

TopTech Specs

Professional Edition

  • Contains all analysis & visualization features.

  • Connects to all supported data sources, including relational databases, cubes and desktop files.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista, XP, Win Server 2008/2003, Microsoft® Windows® 8

  • 250 MB minimum free disk space

  • 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows

  • 32-bit colour depth recommended

  • Compatible with all the latest browser versions.

Top Workflow
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TopApplication Usage
  • Enterprise eTravel Tool - Travel eApplication Solution
    The Enterprise eTravel tool is ideal for any medium to large corporate,
    with a range of 1000 to 20,000+ employees. Companies who have their employees travelling frequently for official work will find this tool very useful and it leads to cost saving. The travel eApplication solution reduces manual effort and provides precise MIS and data across the organization.