What is your organisation’s strategy to Improve Conversions with Analytical Insights?

May 12th, 2016

If this article caught your attention, there is a huge possibility – you must have witnessed a plateau with your conversion rates. It happens with all of us, after all there is a limit to the amount of tweaks and changes we can keep making to a landing page or to the conversion funnel, Right? Well, not really – optimization of UI & UX, Content & Conversion funnel is not a one time process, it takes patience – years & years of experiments & there is never an end to it.

There is a Ticketing Portal out there, with a conversion rate of 28% (which is 7x the industry average). It took them 3.5 years to reach there. Their fundamentals were simple – they ran 2 A/B testing experiments every week & kept on improving.

Why is it that in the age of Information only a handful of organizations have success with Conversion Rates? Why is it that agencies always come up with a recommendation to increase spends in order to in order to get more leads?

Why best of the marketers with years of experience still use their killer instinct to drive their campaigns – very few use data points & consumer insights when planning for their next big campaign.

It is because of the metrics that many organizations keep themselves restricted to, Analytics is always used as a platform to measure – Visits, Unique Visits, Page views, Bounce Rates, Goals, Conversion Rates, CPLs & all the possible terms coined by Google.

The point is, all of this is Data, this will sure tell you how your last campaign performed – what it won’t tell you is – how to make it better?

So what is it that organizations must look at?

1. It starts with looking at data in a multidimensional model.

You can only derive value out of data when you map it with another set of data.

For e.g. You know 50 out of 300 users filled in the lead form, but when you know that most of those who filled in the lead form used an apple device – you will then be able to market better.

Map these metrics with your converted & non-converted users : Bounce Rate, Site Speed, Pages Per Visit, Sessions, Users, Pageviews, Repeat Visitors, Goal Conversions, Conversion Rate, Session Duration, Days Since Last Interaction

2. Break Things Up & Join the DOTS.
If you know that your avg. Bounce Rate is 40%, not all of your traffic bring the visitors with same intent & hence it would make sense if you segment them based on the traffic source.

Similarly all of your users who come from different parts of the country or use different browsers or have different types of monitors – will behave different from each other. When you segment this data, you will get to know, your website was probably not working well in latest version of Google Chrome.

Parameters to consider :

Traffic Sources, Browsers, Geo Locations, Screen Resolutions, Device Types.

Consider Mapping These With :

Changes in Form Elements
Changes in Supporting Description / Sales Copy Variation
Changes in Form Design
Content/Form Placement Changes
New Wire-frames
Form Fields
Other Supporting Elements i.e. Testimonials, Trust Seal etc.

3. Visualize funnels :

Conversions can happen from any page, through any source of traffic & from most unexpected places on the website & your potential customers might feel uncomfortable with that one small compulsory field on your page – which is asking them “How did you find us?In the age of Omniture & Analytics, why do you still want to know how the user came to your website? Funnels will help you understand, what is that exact one blind-spot that is stopping your customer from filling in the lead form.

Use these ideas to create your perfect mix of KPI & Metrics for success. If you get stuck somewhere – we are just a call away. 😉

Happy Analyzing 🙂


Day One @ClickAsia – Lot of insights & A Few Missed Points

April 21st, 2016

I am very happy that I got a chance to visit ClickAsia’16.

I got to know some of the most exciting things that our generation of marketers will witness in near future including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, New generation of content discovery & performance marketing platforms like Out brain & Taboola etc.

Every one talked about how Content, Multiscreen environments, Mobile Apps & much more.




One interesting question posed by one of the attendees was – will all of this eventually lead to death of websites?

I personally believe in the scheme of things – future development seems to be a world where everything will lead to a synchronized experience.

One of the recent developments with ICANN is that soon brands will be able to own their own TLDs. i.e. Amazon with open with just http://amazon , there will be no suffix like .com.

Now think of this with one of the recent development with Google Chrome browser – where they allow you to create a desktop shortcut for every URL on  world wide web as an app on windows machine.

Now imagine all of this in a cloud environment. Your Desktop Chrome App, Mobile App, Tablet App everything is constantly synchronized on the cloud.

It is possible that everything will then depend on user’s comfort with certain display sizes & input methods (I.e. Hardware & Onscreen Keyboards, Touchscreens & Touch-pads). There may not be a need for a differentiation between Apps & Websites, it would be small screen, mid screen & large screen,

Google has already started shifting towards this industry change with  recent updates in content delivery technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages & App Content Indexing. ( Not to forget how Google has integrated realtime app content from Uber & OLA’s apps in to Google Maps search results).

To sum it up, we need to get ready for a multi display environment. We must focus on how our customers are consuming content & make sure they are comfortable with that.

Hardik Shah


The Real King Of “Digital Media” Revealed in First Nth Drift

June 16th, 2015

Organizations are on the look out for the peg that will set them apart, and the expertise to call themselves the real kings of digital media. And the number of players vying for this keep increasing as the playing field expands. Whether it be Search Engine Optimization or Social Media, all digital media experts battle to lay their claim to the kingdom.

real king of social media

@Images credit:


So, which one can truly lay a claim?

While there may be many opinions answering this question, the fact still remains that digital media success for any department is not easy. It takes more than just effort, hard work and strategy. Exhaustive online information on the topic is not enough for digital media success anymore.

This fact was aptly outlined and showcased in Puretech’s freshly minted Nth drift initiative. While knowledge advancement events are not new at Puretech Digital, this first Nth Drift was special. What set it apart was the fact that it highlighted the qualites that the true king of digital media will bring to bear.



Amidst new insights and entertainment, Nth Drift kept refocusing on the way perspective mattered, as a way to bring digital media success for our clients. Check out some success stories that Puretech brings to the table:

Puretech Digital Social Media Success Case Study

Take a look at any social media campaign. Do you find yourself wondering about social media’s return on the investment made by the client? Our clients don’t have those questions to deal with, though, when they can experience concrete lead generation through a campaign.

puretech social media campaign case study

Do you hesitate to invest in a search engine marketing campaign? You won’t feel that way, though, if you were to get 39% year-on-year growth in number of leads. And definitely not have those uncertainties pop up when you can get 65% more leads with a 2 month SEM campaign. Through their examples, our presenters clearly explained how “perspective” made all the difference in their execution. Be it the apt timing that went into planning and executing SEM campaigns or actionable Social media campaigns, it all came down to a result-driven perspective. Would you like to hear about that, and how you can get your hands on some of that?

You know where to find us.

But, Nth Drift had so much more to offer. We learnt about fine-tuning client servicing through games. Having a veteran of the field walking us through this, with humorous anecdotes, made the process both insightful and entertaining.

puretech digital - first nth drift event

puretech digital - first nth drift event

Two veterans take to the field, showcasing the daily battle that is client servicing.

while the insights were useful, fun-based learning helped us focus on re-learning and revamping fundamentals and absorb client-servicing perspectives that our experts bring to bear. The games, chats, quizzes and more all help to enhancing our skills and expertise. Along with a recoded way of doing business, we have successful professionals standing by us to lead the way.

Getting business, and placating clients, are just one aspect of how we make for smooth sailing. Core competance with the Internet, and its myrid levels of updates and changes, are a key point that keeps us on top of the ball game. Take a look at a slide below:

puretech digital social media case study

This slide added titbits to ensure more SEO-friendly website development from the start. But that’s just one aspect. Wouldn’t an “SEO” perspective offer a better website to our clients?

puretech first nth drift event

puretech first nth drift event

puretech first nth drift event

puretech digital - first nth drift event

puretech first nth drift event

puretech digital - first nth drift event

puretech First nth drift evenT

CAPTION: Expertise needs no introduction, only a platform on which to shine.

Be it examples tools or ideas, our presenters are in sync with our clients thoughts well enough to offer all support that can be needed. All that, though, comes down to working as professionals and as a team with the right insights to form a strong foundation that ensure results get taken to the next level. Isn’t that why, our teams receive such tremendous accolades from our clients?

puretech digital client testimonials for SEO, SEM, Social Media Campaigns

These testimonials illustrate one vital point. That the “Right perspective works.”

Amidst all the online clutter, a client-driven perspective with clear and concise take-aways help you, as a digital agency, stand apart on both search engines and social media. The profitability of our digital media services, proven through validated results, lie in implementing perspective across channels. This valuable take-away is what helped the first edition of the Nth Drift set the stage. Successive editions of this property will continue to draw attention to other factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure a well-rounded success story.

With a host of our own, Puretech Digital continues to uphold the promise of delivering effective, timely and holistic solutions.


How To Engage Audience In “Boring” Industries With Interesting Content?

June 14th, 2015

the digibuzz engage audeince

@Image credit: http://www.gonedigging.co.uk/images/products/mug-emotions-bored-3.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to engage with great quality content? Everyone would. Then, why aren’t scores of companies in India utilising content marketing? Well-funded yet inactive business leaders are not too subtle when they share out loud that content marketing is NOT suitable for “boring industries” such as theirs. As a digital marketing company, we work with several “boring” companies. So, we can say that they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Several companies from not-so-interesting industries are creating a significant online presence, with content marketing. In fact, these industries have a great opportunity. Take a quick look at some industries with a “hit” formula for content marketing.

the digibuzz content marketing

Being boring didn’t stop them. Why should it stop you? Every sceptic, doubter, disbeliever and scorner in the audience, can trust me when I say;

“Content marketing works for every industry, if you can make it work.” Or, as Jay Baer would say;

the digibuzz content marketing

@Image credit: http://image.slidesharecdn.com/contentmarketingstrategyin7steps-141018092917-conversion-gate02/95/create-a-content-marketing-strategy-your-customers-will-love-in-7-steps-14-638.jpg?cb=1413624762

Interesting and boring businesses struggle in their content marketing efforts every day for 3 simple reasons.

the digibuzz content marketing3

But, if you are willing to make digital marketing strategy work, you can. …

Put your customers first.

the digibuzz customer first

@Image credit: http://spiritcom.com/assets/user/upload/images/Spirit%20CF%20Logo%201.png

This is not a new principle. But, marketers cannot overemphasize it. Do you know what information your target audience want from your industry? What are they reading online? What kind of insights they can really use? What are their problems while buying your products? What are their primary concerns that drive them away from you? Where do they look while making decisions?

Without any “real” understanding, uploading the content won’t have any impact on clients’ or your bottom line. But, invest buyer persona. Let it drive your organization where your TA is. Here is where most organizations need to be. Communicate to people who want to know more and who can make the difference to your bottom line.

Talk about what matters:

the digibuzz content strategy

@Image credit: http://snarkyevolution.com/wp-content/uploads/blogger/-6-fXl-mVrQM/UI_wixeAJ1I/AAAAAAAAAmQ/DRi9HPDgFTw/s1600/you-matter-back.jpeg

Have you chosen a right group of people? Do you know their problems that you can solve? Be it blog post, product or an innovative idea, communicate to help. We all need a helping hand. That is a first person we consider while making decisions. So, choose right platform, topics, and strategies.

Create to engage.

the digibuzz content marketing strategy

The same information can be a long and “boring” blog post or a fascinating presentation. So, when you talk about your brand, be bold, engaging and interesting. Load it with human emotions and make it work for your brand. Doesn’t a success story sound better than a case study? An infographic works better than a surgery report.

Do you know how to combine it all in a single content marketing effort?

puretech the digibuzz content marketing strategy

Look at American Express open forum. They selected a right niche; frequent business generators; SMEs. To solve their problems, they built a forum. This forum facilitates “human” and visually stimulating content for their audience.

Doesn’t it come down to knowing the niche, approach and connecting through your content? So, how do you apply it to you field? Here are some actionable tips.

 Scope LinkedIn groups, blog search, twitter, Quora message boards and forums. Find out what people are actually talking about your industry? Who are talking? What do they need to know?
 Identify the real buyer persona you actually need to connect with. You should know who you are talking to, their level of knowledge and experience. Then, you can say something smart and effective about your brand.
 Create real “human” stories out of your case studies. Create e-books, videos, and other educational content. Spice it up with images, memes, infographics and more. Focus on creating evergreen content for your customers.

Would you like to know more about the process of creating buyer persona or selecting a content marketing plan? Would you some examples you like to share? You know where to find us.

How SMEs In India Can Use Online Brand Building?

May 11th, 2015

Online brand building

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Most SMEs in India have their own website. But, SMEs, seeking cost-effective ways to reach their target audience, do not consider online brand building options. Several obstacles obstruct the pathway of SMEs. The most common hurdles are:

  • Restricted budget
  • Insufficient information about opportunities
  • Uncertainty of ROI
  • Lack of established benchmarks

But, if an SME approaches a digital marketing company, it is possible to avail unprecedented success for 4 reasons.

  • Digital media is a vast pool of target audience.
  • Digital media is known for its analytics system for business intelligence.
  • Digital media is more affordable channel than ATL traditional media, for example, print ads, TVC, banners.
  • As a great equalizer, digital media presents an equal opportunity to different brands.

So, any SME in India can consider the following plan for a successful online brand building.

1. Commit:

Several SME decision makers want to just test the waters when it comes to digital media marketing. If that is your current plan of action, copy Eric Ries. If online media seems like a right channel of communication, you need to commit wholeheartedly.

Online brand building

  • Invest in creating brand positioning, personality, architecture, and brand identity before even considering a logo or a website font. Your brand’s story is a wonderful way to engage people. This is what separates MNCs from SMEs. So, make the due effort to set yourself apart from the start with the right foundation. With an emotional story create a bond with your target audience. Though, it may not seem applicable to every brand, but, it can be done through several details. So, how had your organization originated? What are your leaders passionate about? How do your customers experience your brand? How do your employees feel about your organization? These emotions create a bond. It leads a stronger connection and an additional reason to buy from you.
  • Select channels well. Most SMEs do not focus on making right choices. You will need to choose the following very carefully.

o preferred mode of digital communication: desktop, tablet or smartphone
o channel of communications: paid, rented, owned
o social media platforms

Select these details well to reach your target audience.

  • Communicate a specific message. Most SMEs cannot take a position of an MNC. But, a business owner can become an expert on a subject. An organization can become a user-friendly ally. A consistent and valuable message can go a long way in winning hearts and minds of brand advocates. These brand advocates and influencers can do much more than communication through paid channels.

2. Act:

Are you ready to become an expert in your chosen field? Be it brand advocates or lead generation, it takes time. Selected members of your online brand building team will need to take a consistent action, including you. So, here are few actionable tips that will maintain the rising graph of your brand building efforts.

  • Set specific objectives for a stipulated period of time. Don’t shy away from understanding what to expect in terms of ROI.
  • Reasonable and pragmatic objectives will identify the KPIs you need to monitor. Include the web analytics, social media listening into the set of responsibilities.
  • Include few of the crucial online branding elements to communicate the care and understanding:

o Online customer care system
o Invite employees, buyers and associates to share their opinion, which becomes the online content.
o Engage your employees and other communication to create a brand-consistent communication.

take action

@ Image credit:

3. Follow through:

online brand building

@ Image credit:

Character, Commitment, and Discipline

That’s why; following through on your online brand building is just as important. So, monitor social media and other channels holistically. Then your online brand building efforts can be tweaked or altered as necessary. Though, this phase does not imply discontinuation of the action plan, it gives a lot of space for raising and resolving valid questions. Here are some examples:

  • Why do few pages have a high exit rate? What can be done to lower it?
  • What is the current conversion rate of landing pages? What can be done to improve it?
  • Which external channels are performing better than others? Why?
  • What do the online customers like most about the service or product?
  • What do your online customers like and dislike about the brand?
  • Will your online customers recommend your brand to others?

Successful changes in this phase are a cornerstone for online media success for SMEs in India. This transition cannot be completed without making the necessary adjustments in online brand communication.

This article does not resolve all queries about transitioning from offline to online. But, if you are keen to make it, you know where to find us.