How to Tackle Festive Marketing in 2021

India being a land of a variety of cultures and a whole lot of celebrations, festivals hold great importance in the lives of the people, especially the marketers. Occasion-based marketing efforts have a prime significance in the annual marketing budgets of the brands. As we have already entered the festive zone and will be celebrating the biggest festival in the country – Diwali, let’s talk marketing!

As the country reels itself out of the pandemic, this year’s festival season marks a special celebration of reuniting with our friends and family. From ‘revenge spending’ to surge in demands, brands and agencies have geared up to charm the customers in the best ways.  Elizabeth Venkataraman, Joint President – Consumer, Commercial and Wealth Marketing, Kotak Mahindra Bank, stated, “The demand dipped during the past year. But 80-85 percent of the demand is back now.” As compared to last year when people focused on their needs and needs only, this year they will be fulfilling their wants

  • Start Early

One of the most important elements of occasional marketing is timing. You need to start early to gain a head start at this race. It is always beneficial to capture both early shoppers and last-minute gift buyers to ensure that you stay on top of their minds.

  • Build an Experience

The entire market is showcasing and selling the same types of products ranging from giftable items to housing products and products that are heavy on investment. What will set you apart in the market is the experience you provide. The way you make the customer feel special, alleviate their stress, provide ease of use, etc. adds to your win.

  • Video Marketing

According to 90 percent of users, video messaging helps customers make a purchase decision, which tremendously benefits your company. Videos speak volumes as compared to texts, making them an effective medium of communication. A video communication infused with the emotional appeal can help garner larger traction for your holiday marketing

If you haven’t already, push for video content and create a YouTube channel for your business now!

  • Packaging

While being in sync with the brand voice and resonating with the festive spark, the packaging during the holiday season also needs to stand out to show uniqueness and ease of use. A limited-edition holiday packaging can help enhance the brand identity and deliver a customized approach. Be it an online business or a physical store, if your packaging is not visually appealing and doesn’t emote the festive spirit, your offerings can be dropped by the customers.

  • Discounts, offers, and consumer financing

Discounts and offers are still great tools to lure customers, however, marketers must go beyond this and look at more options to ease out the purchasing process for the customers. From financing options like EMIs to buy-backs, brands must turn into part bankers to boost sales and compete during this aggressive season. E-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart have climbed to new highs of sales, partly due to being industry leaders in consumer financing.

With some keen planning and unique strategies, your company can ace the festive season and drive sales upwards. Need help with planning your holiday marketing plan? Reach out to us at and our team shall add the celebratory touch to your marketing efforts.

Festive season or year-round growth, you can always engage, experience, and evolve with Puretech Digital. Make the choice now!