5 Steps to an Effective Newsletter

What’s an effective, personal and targeted tool that allows you to spark effective communication with your stakeholders and talk about your business and the industry?  

It’s a little tough to check all these boxes, isn’t it? However, a newsletter does it phenomenally. It builds a one-to-one relationship with your audience while enhancing your digital presence.  

To harness the power of the email newsletter and deliver it as the valuable marketing resource that it is, a few basic steps need to be taken. The following tips and strategies will make sure that your newsletter hits it out of the park. 

  • What is to be achieved? 

The first question that needs to be answered before setting up a plan for an emailer is to understand why you need it. What are your goals and how does this tool help you achieve them? 

  • Is it sales? 
  • Is it promotion? 
  • Is it to drive traffic on your handles? 

Once you know your goal, define the metrics and the frequency to set up the process and content for the newsletter. 

  • Grouping your targets 

Another vital step is to understand the audience. Understand their needs, their behaviour and their interests which will pave the way for the ideas that will be included in the newsletter.  

Customers, investors, competitors, employees, etc. All these target groups need a distinguished set of tonality, content, and ideas that need to be shared. One can focus on one/multiple/all the target groups depending on the variety of content and the goals that are to be achieved from them. 

  • Find the WHY 

Think about the most recent mail you read. Why did you read it? What purpose did it serve? What compelled you to click on it and give it a read? What attributes do you find most/least attractive about the same? 

Getting the audience to open the email is a battle half won. Give your audience a resource that will deliver them some value. Create a newsletter that will provide them with some effective takeaways that can benefit them. Position yourself or your brand as a problem-solver who will broaden the audiences’ scope of knowledge, even if it’s by a fraction.  

  • Hit the right numbers 

This implies everything. Your targets, your email frequency, content ideas, subscriptions, all of it. Add a mix of different information provided in the newsletter while ensuring that the newsletter is not extremely long.  

Define realistic and achievable growth metrics that will help you reach your desired marketing goals through this marketing aid.

  • Educational > Promotional 

Let’s take the example of a cosmetics company. A customer willingly opts into the newsletter because they love the brand and their service. The company then keeps on sending all-promotional emailers with products and their prices while asking the customer to make a purchase. 

Instead, if the company showcases make-up tutorials, ‘How-to’ guides to their products, information about trends and vogue, and includes the purchase link to the product as a secondary element; the chances of the emailer being read will increase significantly. 

Bombarding messages and emails that just suggest customers strongly make a purchase will only annoy the customer and force them to hit the unsubscribe button. Make sure you do not make that mistake. 

  • Include unique and trendy elements to ignite interest 

Finally, make sure you spice up your content with elements that set you apart. Try incorporating trending terms, attractive visuals, third-party content to drive more engagement, memes, humour or your take on the industry updates. This will not only pique the reader’s interest but also position you as a keen thought leader. 

While these are a few steps that can set the foundation for your newsletter, it is important to have factors like, consistency, research and meticulous measuring of results in place.  

And in case you still need further help in creating your newsletter with a touch of expertise in it –

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