Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement


Social media has entirely reformed every facet of human life. Tweets of news happenings around the globe are out before the TV broadcasts it. Love interests and employers check out your social media handles before everything else. Businesses get a peek into their customers’ life and are better able to connect with them. Let’s talk about how you can leverage social media to boost engagement. 

If your brand has a social media presence, your first rule of thumb should be to stay professional. Keep your content optimistic and brand consistent unless you are Wendy’s, which is known for its savage replies on Twitter. The question that you should be asking yourself is why people follow business social media accounts.  

It could be any of these reasons: 

  • They are your Customers or Potential Customers 
  • They are in a Related Industry (If you are in the Fashion field, you are likely to follow Gucci, Louis Vuitton, BOF feeds) 
  • They get Value (Latest trends, tutorials, DIYs) 
  • They get Entertainment (Trivia, Contests, Humor)  
  • Their friends or family members follow you 

Considering the above reasons, here is how your social media handle can engage with your followers: 

  • Educate: Online learning is big right now. How-to blogs, DIY tutorials, White Papers, and eBooks, this is an easy way to engage your followers.  
  • Be Friendly: Follow them back when they follow you. Promptly reply to DMs and questions. Retweet interesting posts from your followers – not just the ones where they are promoting you.  
  • Share your Perspective: Share insights, thoughts, and outlook on your industry 
  • Give Offers to your Followers: A smart way to build brand loyalty is by advertising your promotions and rewarding your customers by offering deals. 
  • Have Fun: Your business social media handles do not have to be serious or educational at all ties. Be a part of the meme revolution, share your views on pop culture, or offer funny observations. 
  • Share #behindthescenes: Applaud your team’s successes and share your office celebrations or WIP projects – it speaks a great deal about the company culture.  

To figure out what will best work for you, chalk out a plan for your brand beforehand. Here is what you need to do: 

  • Know where your customers hang out. They could be on Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. 
  • Create relevant branded content and share it: You can schedule content using Hootsuite/Buffer/Canva or hire a Social Media Manager to oversee it or maybe even work with a Digital Marketing Agency that takes care of all your social media needs.  
  • Share on-the-go content: Press releases, new product launches, blog posts, etc.  
  • Share Curated Content: Share content from other brands that your followers might find useful. Don’t forget to tag them! 
  • Interact with your online community: Promptly revert to your followers, thank them for feedback, and resolve complaints.  
  • Track your engagement: All Social Media platforms provide insights to business accounts – you can leverage that to understand what is working the best for you. 

If you think you’re falling short of content ideas, here’s an exhaustive list to choose from. Unlike Content Marketing, for your Social Media content, you can: 

  • Share business news: Promote a sale, share new product features, behind the scene shots of new product development, welcome new team members.  
  • Share industry news relevant to your customer base 
  • Reshare others’ content 
  • Recycle content! Repost popular posts or retweet “for those who missed it…” 
  • Observance Posts: Find the nearest holiday coming up that aligns with your brand and share greetings 
  • Ask your followers what content they would like you to share by conducting polls on your Social Media handles. 
  • Look up what your competitor pages are doing.  

It’s much easier to have engaging social media handles if you’re in the Entertainment, F&B, or Fashion & Beauty industry. 

For the not-so-engaging industries, here’s what you could do: 

  • Homeware: Aesthetically pleasing homes and beautiful homeware around the world is content that a lot of people look out for. 
  • Colleges: Campuses are overflowing with news and events to tweet. You can tap onto your alumni network to increase followers. 
  • Technology: How-to Tutorials are big on the internet right now. Mix it up with product feature videos and customer reviews. 
  • Wellness: Share wholesome lifestyle tips and inspirational content 
  • Medical, Legal, Accounting, Real Estate: There’s always news to share.  

If you need help with setting up your Social Media, from creating engaging content to measuring it to achieve your business goals, our Social Media team would be happy to weave up your brand’s online presence.