Online & Affordable Lead Generation Avenues For B2B Companies In India

The Indian e-marketplace is a huge business development opportunity for B2B (business to business) companies in India. This marketplace happens to have a few business to business websites from a select few players. Giant corporations like Amazon and Wal-Mart are stepping in. But, where are the traditional Indian organizations? Where are the entrepreneurs, innovators and prevailing players from B2B sector?

The fact is, Indian B2B companies hardly reckon any value in B2C media.  The conventional B2B marketing mix has always focussed on business to business marketing channels. However, the online marketplace is a great industrial marketing opportunity. Take a look.

Online Market for B2B

B2B marketers know about different types of digital marketing opportunities available in India. By using the right digital media channels in your marketing mix, you can aim for optimal results. So, let’s dig deep into these online marketing channels and identify suitable lead generation opportunities for you. The three steps of lead generation can take great advantage of automated online systems.

B2B marketing objective Distribution Channel Digital marketing strategy Digital Content
Generate brand awareness. Search Engine On-page SEO optimization On-page SEO optimization
Off-page SEO optimization
  • Article submission
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Create a mailing list. Promotional offers – Freebies & more Promotional offers – Freebies & more
  • Blog posts
  • Success stories
  • Search Engine Off-page SEO optimization
  • Blog marketing
  • Forum marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Nurture and qualify leads. Email Email marketing
  • White papers
  • Cast studies
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Website Engage the visitor as a potential prospect
  • Online chat
  • Click to call
  • Call back
  • This is a basic online system for customer engagement. But, most B2B marketers just don’t consider these digital distribution channels profitable enough. In some way, they are right. In simple words, some B2B companies have well established lead generation processes. They believe that their current B2B marketing strategy is way too personalised to be shifted online.

    For most B2B companies, it will remain difficult to find a digital marketing process that is proportional to sales revenue. But there are several B2B marketing strategies that have done miracles for certain companies.  All you need is a digital marketing consultation. The right consultant will eliminate digital media jargon and suggest simple and actionable digital media strategies that can bring out the best in your brand.  Here are some of the amazing online lead generation avenues for B2B companies in India:


    This is a really effective tool. Your current and potential customers are looking for more information about your industry. They are wondering:

  • How do I build my business more cost effectively?
  • How do I avail products and services from my vendors at cost effective rates?
  • How can lower the manufacturing cost of my products and services?
  • So, what kind of information can you offer them to make their business easier?

    This type of information can be easily sent in the form of a magazine, e-book, e-newsletter, etc. If the frequency and type of the information is right, this can be a very useful digital tool.


    Most B2B marketers are aware of their company’s customer service and reputation management challenges. They can create digital content to keep their existing and newly-signed customers pleased. This can boost word-of-mouth publicity for your organization and increase your sales. So, what kind of video content can you create?

  • Answers to most frequently asked questions
  • Solutions to most common problems
  • Testimonials of most satisfied clients
  • Demos and how-to videos for using products most effectively
  • Company and leadership related information customers may want to know
  • Then, you can promote this type of content through Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and through your website. What if you do not have a strong presence across these digital media channels? You can still assist your customers by sending this information via email as and when they need it.


    Every business to business marketing strategy involves two things.

    A. Creation of a mailing list
    B. Sales pitch

    A mailing list helps you identify and nurture leads. Then, a sales pitch helps you convert a lead into a sale.  The most successful B2B sales representatives, managers and marketers know that a B2B sales pitch cannot be just about offering a product or service. It is also about identifying and solving a problem.  Problem solving is now a common industrial marketing strategy. Therefore, these kinds of presentations tend to remain useful. So, create a presentation and promote it across all digital media channels to highlight different solutions to customer’s problems. Your potential customers will benefit and your sales revenue will continue to grow. What kinds of presentations can you actually display online?

  • A solution of their current problems
  • The most popular reasons to opt for your B2B products or services
  • A proven strategy to optimise their production through your product or service
  • How does your organization stand apart from the competitors?
  • Remember, you can’t just rush into including digital marketing strategies in your B2B marketing mix. You need the right information and right channels to make it a profitable investment.

    As a digital marketing agency, we can offer a more customised digital media solution to current marketing challenges.