Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide for Efficient Social Media Management

Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide for Efficient Social Media Management

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Several entrepreneurs seek to optimise their social media presence. This effective and free tool is accessible and appealing to your buyers. So, this channel to reach, promote, and interact can have huge impact on your sales. The best track to successful campaign is to hire a social media marketing agency. Agreeably, it sounds self- flagellant. But, I have seen the difference it can make. A team of designer, developer, social media analyst and social media manager can reshape your entire social media presence. But, if you are not ready, don’t worry. Here is an efficient way to manage your social media presence successfully.

Social Media Management

Get a social media audit and strategy.
Before jump-starting this adventure, a businessman must take due caution. Every entrepreneur uses a similar concoction for any successful venture. Figure out where you are and where you want to go. Audit and goal setting are a right starting point for any pursuit, right?

Social Media Audit
You can use this template for social media audit. This is an easier one, which most non-social media marketers and entrepreneurs can use independently. This exercise will assist you have a realistic understanding of your current social media presence. So, how does the SWOT analysis look like?

Social Media Strategy
Use this template to chart out our social media goals and action plan. But, here are the crucial bullet points for quick scanning readers.

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  • Right platform: Every platform is not for you.
  • Social media objective: Select the best way to optimise these platforms.
  • Positioning: You have to be unique.
  • Tone of voice: Talk to them only.
  • Set:

  • Measurable goal for each platform
  • Frequency of posting
  • Right call to action
  • Crucial metrics
  • Social media policy
  • Implement the social media strategy.

    Once you have this strategy in place, you can limit your social media activities to day-to-day management. Most entrepreneurs do not include social advertising into initial social media marketing strategy. The game plan revolves around evaluating its potential for the particular organization in particular market. But, Facebook marketing or LinkedIn marketing can be useful strategy if you have necessary funds and creative resources. So, here are few tips to simplify the everyday social media tasks.

  • Maintain a social media calendar. Here is the template. It is an easy way to stay updated.
  • Use time-efficient social media tools. These tools will complete a chunk of the tasks without personal attention.
  • Plan and organize daily tasks. There are a lot of decisions and tasks. You cannot do it at a last minute for the best effect. Use these smart tips to manage them effectively.
  • Spend a select time every day. Devote a chosen part of your daily time to social media. This will simplify execution.
  • Track your social media performance.

    Using social media analytics is an inseparable part of the social media management. It will be non-negotiable if you launch a social advertising campaign with Facebook advertising or Sponsored tweets. So, use social media monitoring tools after a select duration to keep an eye on the progress towards the predetermined goals. You need to listen to your target audience well in order to respond effectively.

    A crucial part of any brand’s social media performance is “mistakes”. You can’t avoid all of them. But, you can be smart and avoid the typical mistakes. Then, you will learn the valuable lessons and use these mistakes as stepping stones rather than regrets.

    If you set right tools in place, you can manage the daily tasks within 1 or 2 hours of the day. This is an efficient way to manage your social media presence within limited resources.
    Do you intend to leverage your social media presence for lead generation and sales? Consult a digital marketing agency with a pay for performance billing system. It can lower your expenses and avail an efficient social media campaign. All the best!