Web Development Services India

With about 52 million active users of the Internet in India (almost 10 million of which use a broadband connection), delivering quality web content with rich visuals and engaging substance has become a key task for the web development domain in India. More and more companies across the country are beginning to feel the need for web presence as they believe the web is one of the most promising and cost saving mediums of marketing. Companies no longer just want to float websites, which are their corporate information ‘brochure-ware’ online, but are also feeling the need to:

  • have presence in the social media domain,
  • want their sales team connected across geographies through online applications and
  • want aggressive recruitment done through their web presence.

A huge chunk of sales has moved to websites from the brick-mortar store. Organizations are increasingly communicating with their investors and customers though online media publications, as well.

Over the years web development has evolved and advanced to higher levels, moving away from just designing and developing corporate websites, to creating interactive web properties like blogs, discussion forums, social interactions and online shopping. This is also the reason a lot of user generated content has started demanding online reputation monitoring. With the kind of internet usage and accessibility to the internet, web development in India is not far behind. With creative designers and innovative web developers, India has always been in the forefront of the worldwide web development space.

The dominance of handheld devices with mobile internet connectivity has brought about a huge change in the web development industry. The challenge to deliver interesting and informative content across platforms, devices and screen sizes is ever increasing. Newer technologies are helping breakaway from the traditional desktop limitations, increasing the canvas of imagination for the web developers. The key, now, is no longer just the visual but also the kind of content that is being delivered, the medium in which it is being delivered and the speed at which it is being presented. The availability of the content across the devices is also playing an important part in people’s everyday life. Searching and browsing on the phone or the handheld device is becoming a common practice, just as online shopping and banking transactions are being made increasingly through mobile devices than compared to desktops. This has demanded a need for more intuitive and user friendly interface designing and cross devise friendly web development and application design.

The web development has moved away from pure HTML and is progressing towards HTML5 and CSS3. An ever increasing need for standardized web development has become the need of the hour. With more and more hardware devices with varying operating systems, browsers and screen sizes cropping up everyday it is becoming a tough task designing good interfaces which are compatible across everything. These developments have made the need for responsive designs of top importance. Good creative designs which adapt themselves to various devices and screen sizes seamlessly is what the web designer of today needs to strive for. A successful web development project will have to be creative, trendy, contextual and more importantly – developed in such a way that it is accessible from anywhere, on any kind of internet connections and across all the media devices available.

Contributed by: Swapnil Agaskar, Head::Web Solutions, Puretech Internet